Feel confident & supported during your pregnancy, birth & parenting journey with a professional Doula by your side

Offering continuity of care as I provide doula support to Sydney families throughout their pregnancy, birth and parenting journey - check out my Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula services to see how I can support you or get in touch to have any questions answered or schedule a meeting

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Sam . . . was a constant source of wisdom, comfort, support and inspiration. I can’t imagine having gone through such a life changing experience with any one else.
— Sonja & Leon
Sam was the most amazing mix of support and knowledge. She blended in very well with the medical team and brought her own calming energy to the mix for us both.
— Emma & Matt
Sam . . . was there for us every step of the way . . we really felt supported and cared for . . . more than anything else, I can’t thank Sam enough for reminding me of my strength as I enter the doors of motherhood.
— Gerrica & James