My Family

My Family

About Me

Passionate about doula support to families during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, I feel incredibly privileged to positively contribute to their experience. I have 4 teenage children and had a doula at each of my births – so I know first hand how valuable doula support is! 

Originally from the UK, I’ve lived in 3 countries and understand the challenges of birth and parenting without much family support. This is what drives my involvement with the Positive Birth Movement, I love connecting women and building community - what's that phrase.... 'when women support each other, incredible things happen' - it's so true!

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and undertook my doula training here in Sydney. I love learning and continue my professional development by attending various courses, seminars and professional meetups – adding skills to enhance my service and making sure that I keep my information and practice up to date. 

I have certificates in Aromatherapy, Emergencies in Childbirth, Accupressure and Spinning Babies techniques. I firmly believe that food is medicine and am currently working towards a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. I am a proud Member of the Doula Network of Australia and am familiar with the content and teachings of She Births®, Calm Birth and Hypnobirthing Australia.

I am intuitive, calm, practical and nurturing. My approach is to support my clients with an open mind, delivering impartial, evidence based information and support.

I bring a ‘bag of tricks’ to each birth but my favourite tools are my heart and my hands…