What's a Virtual Doula??

There's a lot of buzz around right now about Virtual Doula Services - so I thought I'd take the opportunity to discuss them in more detail. You can find more information on my Virtual Services HERE or contact me HERE to make an appointment.

An Overview of Virtual Doula Services

What's a Virtual Doula?? Samantha Gunn Doula

When people who don't know what a Doula is ask more about it I give them my 'elevator pitch' - this is an outline that can be delivered in the time it takes to make a trip in an elevator ;) And my pitch goes something like this....

'A Doula is someone that provides practical and emotional support to families during pregnancy and birth to improve their experience and ease their shift into family life'. 

Traditionally Doula services are delivered in person, and there is a wide range of support packages and price points. This is also true of Virtual Doula Services. They typically range from only phone/text support answering questions during pregnancy to a service which more closely follows the traditional Doula model with pre and postnatal appointments via video call (containing some education and information materials), plus phone support during birth. 

Virtual Services still offer the same independent, continuous care that support your choices around your birth. A good Doula will work with you to make sure that you have evidence based information, guidance, practical tools and support - and there is significant evidence that this type of support improves your birth outcomes - no matter how it is delivered. 

Who Are Virtual Doula Services For?

Virtual services would suit you if:

 - you like the idea of trusted, continuous support but don't really want another person at your birth

 - you live in an area which is not serviced by a local doula, or you cannot find a doula that you connect well with in your area

 - your budget does not stretch to the traditional model of personal doula support

What are the Pros and Cons? 

Basically you're not getting the in person support on the day of your birth. But not everyone wants that, or has access to it (geographically or financially) so it definitely makes the support more accessible. And it is a great option that gives access to continuous, trusted support during a time of huge emotional, practical and financial change. So I feel that it offers doula support to people who want it, but don't want all of it - and if that's you then please get in touch.