Chiro Care In Pregnancy? It's Kind of a Big Deal....

As part of my care for my clients we have meetings during pregnancy where we develop our relationship, go over preferences for birth and what practical steps they can take beforehand to improve their experience of both pregnancy and the birth itself.

I make a few recommendations to my clients during our antenatal appointments, and one of the biggest ones is to get a chiropractic assessment. Chiropractic care during pregnancy and postnatally brings many benefits for mother and baby and I'm a big fan of anything that makes life easier and improves your health too! This blog has been contributed by the team at Chiropractic Central in Lane Cove, here in Sydney (one of my favourite practitioners) - see their contact details at the end of the text to make an appointment. 

The Five Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Have you thought about the health of your spine and nervous system during pregnancy?

Are you currently pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Something to consider is the health of your spine and nervous system.  We are taught a lot how to brush and take care of our teeth, not taught a lot about our spines and how important they are in supporting us through pregnancy.  Also the nervous system, which is housed in the spine, is the master system in the body sending all the messages through to every cell, tissue and organ.  With all the changes and development that are happening in a woman’s body it is important for us to make sure that the nervous system is working and communicating optimally. 

Top 5 Reasons to See a Chiropractor While you are Pregnant:

1.     Ease Pregnancy Symptoms - chiropractic care has been shown to help ease pregnancy symptoms in women to support their body as it is growing the new baby.

2.     Healthy Mum, Healthy Baby - the main premise of chiropractic care is to remove interference to the nervous system and to increase the body’s natural functioning and healing ability. Helping to increase immune system function as well which is intimately connected by both mother and baby.

3.     Better Positioning for Baby - chiropractic care can help to optimize pelvic and spinal alignment so to assist in minimizing uterine constraint allowing for optimal positioning for baby in delivery.

4.     Back Pain and Pubic Relief- research shows that many women experience low back pain and pubic pain during pregnancy typically caused by the sacroiliac joints and separation of the pubis symphysis getting ready for birth. This can be alleviated and stabilization exercises given to assist mom and baby through a smooth and optimal pregnancy and delivery.

5.     Better Labour and Birth- research has shown that labour time has decreased 25% with first pregnancies with chiropractic care and 31% for women on their second or more births.

At Chiropractic Central we love working with women prenatally and postnatally to allow for the experience of a smooth birth and delivery.  If you would like to optimize your pregnancy we would love to meet with you for a consultation.  Say hello at or call us on 02 9418 9031.