Information: - I'm a huge fan of Spinning Babies! I've been on 2 courses to learn their information thoroughly and use their techniques with all of my clients - if you do nothing else, do yourself a favour and check out their Daily Activities. - these techniques were developed by an American doula and have been shown to help baby get into an optimal position late in pregnancy and even in labour - a great site with information on a wide range of topics - a government website with articles covering pregnancy and parenting - an American site that is a great source of unbiased, evidence based information - wonderful blog series from a respected Australian midwife - a great resource for researching the safety of medications in pregnancy. There's a helpline with a live person on the other end. - the home of home birth in Sydney, there are links to support groups, a listing of midwives and more - parenting and lifestyle website for the North Shore

my facebook group - not really 'mine' (!) but I am an admin for it and it is a great space to ask questions of professionals and get information

Resources: - I recommend my clients always seek chiropractic care during pregnancy, there are so many benefits! Love the work that this clinic do - lovely clinic in West Lindfield which offers a range of therapies including yoga, massage and kinesiology

carly bull physio and pilates - beautiful physio and pilates practice based in Turramurra

unearthed vitality - a very special, PT led gym. They're great for mums, there's a focus on pelvic floor health, community, mindset and adapting for any injuries or restrictions. I love their work. - a wonderful clinic in Stanmore, they have a large staff including chiros, osteos and an accupuncturist, so offer many options for care. - a birth photographer whose work I love. Sarah is a mum of 2 young children who produces beautiful work - the website of my beautiful colleague, Jennifer Hazi. Jennifer devised the Circles of Women content and offers antenatal education courses in Bondi - an antenatal course delivered by my friend and colleague, Amelia Parkinson. It's hypno based, comprehensive and evidence based. - wonderful supplier of my favourite TENS machine (the Elle 2) to rent or buy, they're based in the Blue Mountains and ship all over Australia. Use my discount code: samanthagunndoula to get 15% off their prices. - a great place to hire / buy anything from a TENS machine, breast pumps to a co-sleeping cot


I have all of these books and more in my ‘doula library’ - available to lend to my clients!

The Good Birth Guide - Nicole Croft

Spiritual Midwifery - Ina May Gaskin

Birth Skills - Juju Sundin

HypnoBirthing, The Mongan Method - Marie F Mongan

Active Birth - Janet Balaskas

The Positive Birth Book - Milli Hill

First Forty Days - Heng Ou

Inducing Labour, Making Informed Decisions - Dr Sara Wickham