Additional Birth Debriefing

Many women miss the opportunity to be truly listened to following a birth and, because it remains unresolved they carry it around with them for years. Whether you had a positive or negative birth experience it's a life altering event and one that deserves to be reflected upon, understood and truly heard.

We will spend 2 sessions together where we will not only debrief your birth but also reflect, resolve and reframe it. We'll also go through some practical steps that will meaningfully support you in your parenting journey. 

birth debriefing sydney doula support

service summary 

  • 2 x private sessions that are individually tailored to you
  • Feel nurtured, connected and heard
  • Go through a reflection, reframing and resolution process
  • Practical steps to connect with your birth and reconcile your experience
  • Support in resolving any residual emotional trauma

structure & pricing

  • 2 x sessions of up to 2 hours each
  • All resources are included: eg, journal, guided meditation files, debriefing frameworks
  • Phone/email support in between sessions and up to 2 weeks after our time together

Investment: $400     CONTACT ME to book

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